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Delicious Culinary Travel to Italy

A Message from Daniel!

Those of you who have joined me in culinary classes across the United States have long enjoyed the foods and traditions shared. My classes are a result of years of passionate travel and extensive research within Italy.

I am always asked...How can we duplicate your exciting Italian culinary travel experiences? In response, I have created… La Villa Cucina!

La Villa Cucina, my unique full participation culinary travel program integrates the popular villa holiday with a culinary school vacation. This year La Villa Cucina celebrates 22 years of delicious culinary travel!

The multi-session culinary programs take place in the villa’s professional kitchen. Class size is limited to twelve guests in order to ensure personalized attention and optimal comfort. Menus and methods reflect "La Cucina Regionale Italiana," emphasizing the use of authentic ingredients and classic culinary techniques. All classes are taught in English. A typical class begins with a brief introduction of the day's recipes and ingredients. Students are then divided into groups, each responsible for a specific dish for the day's multi-course menu. Classes run for approximately four hours, followed by lunch (or dinner) when the day's culinary creations, complete with wine, are served in an elegant dining room.

Clearly, a culinary travel program would not be complete without travel! Full and half-day excursions to important Italian hill towns and cities are planned. Predetermined trips include visits to local restaurants and markets. Artisans who specialize in food, wine and ceramics show us their centuries old customs and ways.

I invite you to join me as we celebrate the seasons of Italian cooking and culture. Experience the abundance of Italy in the company of old friends and new acquaintances.

Daniel Rosati, Founder

***Note: Travel Terms and Conditions have been updated as of September 14, 2019 for ALL La Villa Cucina programs...please see Contact-Terms & Conditions Page to review these changes.


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After many months of restricted living conditions, I am pleased to announce our return to Italy! To celebrate our 25th season of travel to Italy I offer you to experience two celebratory programs...one NEW and an old favorite!

Join me...

                             --- Daniel Rosati